Meguiar's Creative Collective


This is a project completed as part of a hiring exercise by the car care product manufacturer Meguiar's.

In this exercise the objective was to brand the design department of the company. After deciding on the name "Creative Collective" I then interlaced two "c" shapes representing multiple ideas pertanent to the offices atmosphere for the logo.

After this I created an identity explanation formated to the companies design style. This was acompanied by a business card design and several other peripheral designs.

ACS Logo
ACS Logo
ACS Logo

Hello! My name is Troy Estes and I am an independent graphic designer specializing in branding, visual communication, Website design, logo, and graphic creation. I am located in Glendora California and am available for freelance or full time work.

The Goal of Troy Estes Design is to help enterprises and organizations in creating their own trademark and visual identity (logo, branding, etc.), conceiving advertisement products (flyers, signs, catalogs, brochures, space and event design), as well as to reinforce their web implementation (webdesign, web sites, mobile sites, Content Management System, full flash, e-shops, seo google, etc.).

Troy Estes Design
Glendora, CA

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