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Here it is! The long awaited (used loosely) blog written by me and read by you.

One of my greatest design passions is trying to wrap my head around, and explain why design is so important.

There are many surface-level answers to this question but what is the deeper intrinsic human condition that makes design valuable?

There is no easy answer to the question but using this blog I will try to explore this topic along with as many other design topics as I can.

Stay tuned and keep in touch with all the latest happenings on my hope-to-be-successful blog!


Earlier this year, I chatted on the phone with a fellow in charge of a healthy business that needed a refreshed web presence. All the typical signs were go: he was friendly and likable, the expectations were normal and he was serious about the project.

Towards the end of the conversation he asked me what my typical rates were, I told him and he asked me why they were that high since most designer’s rates were a little less.

He had framed the conversation as my rates were too high and I needed to prove my value. I fell into the trap and began to brainstorm verbally for a silver bullet that would justify my “high” rates. In hindsight all the evidence I needed was the prior conversation, my portfolio and professional reputation. I should have answered, “my rates aren’t high, the others were too low.”

I tell you this story for two reasons:

  1. Don’t ever undervalue your work
  2. And if you ever get asked that question now you have a better answer than I did!


Hello! My name is Troy Estes and I am an independent graphic designer specializing in branding, visual communication, Website design, logo, and graphic creation. I am located in Glendora California and am available for freelance or full time work.

The Goal of Troy Estes Design is to help enterprises and organizations in creating their own trademark and visual identity (logo, branding, etc.), conceiving advertisement products (flyers, signs, catalogs, brochures, space and event design), as well as to reinforce their web implementation (webdesign, web sites, mobile sites, Content Management System, full flash, e-shops, seo google, etc.).

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